Bringing music to elementary students

We recently received a thank you letter from the Principal at Hjorth Road Elementary School in Surrey, BC and wanted to share with all of you the impact of your support for bringing music to the lives of young students.

Thanks to our generous supporters, the hard work of our President, Shelley, collecting bottles from near and far in our holiday bottle drive, and an incredible donation from Dr. Ross Salvosa from his fundraiser recital, TYFTM Society was able to donate $1,400 towards instruments and band books for the school’s Grade 7 music program.

With the donation, the school was able to purchase four flutes, three clarinets, an electric guitar and amp, plus new clarinet reeds, band books and more!

“… your donation has enabled many students to enjoy a music program that would otherwise be unavailable to them,” wrote Principal Colter. “Music is filling the hallways at Hjorth Road!”

This is why we do what we do! Thank you for your continuing to support our work of helping overcome barriers communities face in accessing music.

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